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Lockdown experiences: A group of nine young people told us about their priorities for government

23 May 2020

Guarantee for education, support of disabilities and getting involved – a group of nine young people told us about their priorities for government Last week, we spoke to nine young people aged between 13 and 17 who are members of the same youth parliament. They told us a bit about what they’ve been up to, […]

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Lockdown experiences: A young person’s guide to lockdown and reaching out to young people via social media

A young person’s guide to lockdown and reaching out to young people via social media – suggestions from care experienced young people Last week, we spoke to eleven young people aged 13 to 17 who are in care or have left care. They told us about some of their experiences and suggested a young person’s […]

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Lockdown experiences: young people in children’s homes

22 May 2020

Just as in health care, the resilience of social care services has been tested by Covid-19, as services strive to function as usual against the threats of illness, staff shortages, and increased workloads. This includes residential children’s homes which have had to adapt quickly to the crisis, with support from government guidance as it has […]

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Children and stress, what’s worrying them most

20 May 2020

Many children have talked to us about feeling stressed, and we wanted to find out more about the things that they say stress them out most

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Government and teaching unions should stop squabbling and agree a plan to get kids back into school

16 May 2020

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, is today (Saturday) intervening in the debate over whether some children should return to school on June 1 with a call for Government and teaching unions to ‘stop squabbling’ and to work constructively together to get children back into the classroom as quickly as possible. Her call comes as […]

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We don’t need no education?

The thorny issue of whether children should go back to school


Business plan 2010-11

15 May 2020
Corporate Governance

Business plan 2011-12

I am pleased to present my first Children’s Commissioner’s Business Plan. Following our review by Dr John Dunford this plan starts a new chapter for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC). It is presented “in the spirit” of the review. We promote and seek to protect children’s and young people’s rights under the United […]

Corporate Governance

Business plan 2012-13

We, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, are twenty three committed experts led by me as Commissioner, and including the Deputy Commissioner and three Directors. We champion, protect, promote and defend the rights, views and interests of England’s almost 12 million children and young people. As the only statutory body in England undertaking this crucial […]

Corporate Governance

Business plan 2013-14

I am delighted to present our Business Plan 2013-14. The activities in then plan will be delivered on a budget reduced by 23% from 2009/10 as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review. Our role and remit were reviewed in 2010, and the review recommended change. We have gone from strength to strength since then, and […]

Corporate Governance

Business plan 2014-15

I am delighted to publish the Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s (OCC’s) 2014−15 Business Plan. It is an ambitious programme of work for the year ahead, which seeks to promote and protect children’s rights, in particular those of the most vulnerable, marginalised and otherwise unheard. I and all those working for the OCC are looking […]

Corporate Governance

Business plan 2015-16

I am delighted to present my first Business Plan as Children’s Commissioner for England. The plan sets out how I will promote and protect the rights and represent the views and interests of all of England’s 12 million children and young people and particularly the most vulnerable in the year ahead. I felt immensely privileged […]

Corporate Governance

Archived Content

Gaming the system

22 October 2019

The overwhelming majority of children (93 percent) in the UK play video games. Yet despite its popularity, the culture of ‘gaming’- its rules and its rituals, the varying profiles of players, the risks they face – tends to be spoken of by adults, whether they be policymakers or parents, as if it were an alien […]

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The state of child poverty and how we can tackle it

17 October 2019

On the United Nations Day for Poverty Eradication we should never fail to be shocked that we are talking about child poverty when are one of the wealthiest countries on earth. Yet as all of us here know, the number of children living in poverty has been steadily increasing in recent years. There are around […]

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EU children in Britain

16 October 2019

If you are an EU citizen living in Britain, Brexit will affect your rights. This means you will need to apply for what the Government calls ‘settled status’ in Britain. What is settled status? Settled status is a special immigration category for EU nationals who have made Britain their home. Once you have settled status […]


Children’s Commissioner for England response to CQC report on the state of care

15 October 2019

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, responding to the CQC annual report into the state of care


Almost one in five children left education at 18 last year without basic qualifications

20 September 2019

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has published research looking at the number of children who leave the education system at 18 without reaching Level 2 attainment (five GCSEs grade A* to C, or equivalent technical qualifications). These are children who will have spent 14 years in compulsory education, often having more than £100,000 of […]

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Children’s manifesto calls on political parties to back six pledges to transform life chances for all kids

7 September 2019

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has published ‘Guess How Much We Love You: A Manifesto for Children’ ahead of any upcoming General Election.

Group of children

A Manifesto for Children

The manifesto, published ahead of any upcoming General Election, calls on Britain’s political parties to include a six-point plan in their election manifestos to transform the life chances for disadvantaged children and to help all of England’s 12 million children to thrive. The manifesto sets out some of the key issues that children have told […]

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Anne Longfield responds to Government Spending Review

4 September 2019

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, responding to the Government’s Spending Review

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Children’s experiences of online harm and what they want to do about it

27 August 2019

In April this year the Government set out their plans for a world-first: a system of regulations that they argue will make the UK ‘the safest place in the world to be online’. The Online Harms White Paper, produced in collaboration between the Home Office and Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), maps out […]

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Bleak houses

21 August 2019

Tackling the crisis of family homelessness in England