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They want a society where everyone can succeed and told me they care about the environment and planet. Just over 1 in 5 children (22%) chose ‘a healthy environment and planet’ as one of their top priorities for having a good life when they grow up.

Being treated fairly was another key theme that came up for children, with 1 in 5 children chose ‘everyone being treated fairly’.

Older generations love to mock us for taking action against social issues by calling us, and I quote ‘snowflakes’. Yet they won’t. We are finally taking action on things

Girl, 13,
The Big Ask

My work so far…

Children's Commissioner talking to a young girl
Illustration of leafs and bees


I teamed up with Generation Earthshot to teach children in Glasgow about the environment and joined a ‘teach-the-teacher’ lesson where I heard first-hand how passionate children are to reduce climate change, as well as solutions to make this happen.

My office produced a children’s guide and slides for schools as part of COP26 to help children understand and get involved with events.

Dame Rachel de Souza discussing the big ask with students

Advisory boards

I am setting up two new advisory boards: Care experienced and Children’s advisory boards to involve children even more closely in our work, ensuring it reflects their views. 

Children's commissioner talking to your children at books without borders

Migrants & refugee children

I spoke at the launch of Books without Borders about the importance of getting books to Ukrainian children staying in the UK. The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, joined the event virtually and it was a privilege to hear her speak.

I visited the Kent Intake Unit, Western Jet Foil and Carlton hotel in Kent to see how the processing of migrants has changed since my last visit.

Nobody is less capable than anyone […] if they have a different colour of skin […] they should be treated fairly.

Boy, 10
The Big Ask.

Our priority areas