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Dame Rachel de Souza
Children’s Commissioner for England

As Children’s Commissioner it is my duty to promote and protect the rights of all children, with particular regard to children who are living away from home or receiving social care services. My priority is to listen to children across the country, to hear about their lives and champion their voices.

Our priority areas

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The Big Ambition

We launched the Big Ambition to hear from children in the lead up to the next General Election on their lives, and what they want from the government to improve them. Findings from the survey were published and launched in Parliament in March 2024, adding to the work of the office over the past three years to bring the voices and experiences of a million children to politicians.

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Family Review

The Family Review seeks to understand what family means to people, how services support families, and what can be done to improve services.

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The Big Ask

Over half a million children responded to The Big Ask, the largest ever survey of children. The Big Answer report shares their responses and our answer.

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