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Illegal Migration Bill – priorities for Amendment drafting

24 March 2023

The previous briefing that the Children’s Commissioner’s office shared set out in detail the Children’s Commissioner’s main concerns about the Illegal Migration Bill. Ahead of the Committee Stage next week, this document provides an overview of the amendments and some clarifications that the Children’s Commissioner would like to see reflected in the Bill. The document […]


Briefing to MPs on Illegal Migration Bill

13 March 2023

The Children’s Commissioner for England has a statutory duty to promote and protect the rights of children in England. This includes those children who have arrived in the country fleeing war and persecution, who are often the victims of trafficking and exploitation. The Illegal Migration Bill will have a profound impact on the rights of […]


Children’s mental health services 2021-2022

8 March 2023

When I became Children’s Commissioner, one of my first actions was to carry out The Big Ask survey. I wanted to understand, as we were emerging from the shadow of the pandemic, what children wanted for their futures, and what worries were holding them back. It was clear from the responses to that survey, as […]


Statement from the Children’s Commissioner in response to the SEND Improvement Plan

2 March 2023

The Department for Education (DfE) has today published the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan (hereafter the Plan). The Plan sets out how DfE intends to deliver ‘a single national system that delivers consistently for every child and young person with SEND and in alternative provision’. The review of the […]


Attendance is everyone’s business

20 February 2023

To support the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into children’s absence from school, This report summarises the key findings from my attendance audit.


Conversation with Shammi Rahman: The importance of Religious Education

3 February 2023

As Children’s Commissioner for England, I dedicate my time to listening to children and making sure their voices are heard by policymakers across Government. That’s why I was really excited to take part in this podcast, as a previous RE teacher and headteacher, first in Luton and then in Norwich.  It was great to speak […]


‘A lot of it is actually just abuse’- Young people and pornography

31 January 2023

This paper, the first in a series of research reports, makes clear the urgent need to protect children from the harms of online pornography. It is my duty as Children’s Commissioner to champion young people’s views and voices, and to ensure that all children enjoy the freedom to grow up safely and happily, both online […]


Supported accommodation for children in care

26 January 2023

I want every child in care to have access to a stable home environment that is able to meet their needs and give them the love and care they need to thrive in every aspect of their life. They should be in familial environments that can provide them with care until they are at least […]


Siblings in Care

In undertaking my Independent Family Review, I’ve heard from families of all kinds about why family is so important. I wanted to understand why this what, and what we as policy makers could do in response. The importance – and power – of family life is no different for children in the care system, but […]


Findings from The Big Ask: Children in Care

23 January 2023

In April 2021 I launched The Big Ask as a national consultation exercise with children across England. I asked them about their lives, their priorities, their worries and their hopes for the future, and children wrote back. The Big Ask was live for 6 weeks and in that time, over 550,000 children completed the survey, […]


A positive approach to parenting: Part 2 of the Independent Family Review

15 December 2022

Foreword by Dame Rachel de Souza Family is central to all of our lives, particularly children, for whom family is the prism through which the world is experienced. That is why I was excited to be asked to undertake the Independent Family Review and am so pleased to be publishing Part 2. At its core […]


Children’s Voices: Views on family from students at Ark Boulton Academy

14 December 2022

As part of my independent Family Review – a Review into contemporary family life commissioned by Government – I visited Ark Boulton Academy. I wanted to hear from looked after children and children in temporary housing their thoughts on what is good about family, what issues there might be and how they think Government should […]