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The IMO Podcast is a series of open and honest conversations with care experienced people that gives a voice to the diverse experiences that make up the care population. Each episode we invite someone who’s been in care to talk about anything they like. It’s an opportunity to hear the voices of people who often don’t get the chance to tell their stories, and it’s a chance to inspire and encourage others in similar situations.

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This is the first episode of our new series and have changed things up a little, we have a new host, Benita, who is care experienced herself and is excited to have open and honest conversations with other care leavers.

In the first episode of series 4, Isatu talks to IMO about her story, her work with Amour Destiné, and how resilience and a positive mindset can help young people navigate their way through adversity.

By the time I got to college, when I was doing my A levels, I realised that I can’t pretend any longer. This is eating me inside, you know, as a result, I really had to be vulnerable and I had to really recognise that I’m in need of help. And so I made the effort to receive that help…

I realised I don’t have to let these things stop me or hinder me from being the person that I’m supposed to be. And so I think it’s important that as care leavers that we also accept the help given to us.

Recognising that we need it, but also number 1 allowing yourself to to know that it’s ok to not be ok and number 2 that just because you’re going through something negative or that you’ve gone through something negative in the past… that does not mean that it’s the end as long as you’re able to accept the support offered to you.

I believe that we can make the best out of what we have.

Isatu, care leaver
To find out more about Amour Destiné, see this blog post where we spoke to the founder, Annie Gibbs, about the service.
Annie also shared with us her message about finding the Rainbows in the Clouds, life role models, that take you by the hand and guide you to your light with a genuine interest in helping you to unpack the tools that you already have within. They inspire the way you might live and make choices for yourself and help you unlock the potential you may not see within yourself.
If you’re in care, leaving care, living away from home or working with children’s services, Help at Hand can offer you free support, advice and information.

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