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Here you will find first-hand experiences from care leavers who have gone to university, completed apprenticeships, and started careers, along with links to organisations that offer information and guidance to care leavers about university, training, and getting a foot on the career ladder.

Your stories
The IMO Podcast, series 4 episode 4: Luke’s story
Career planning and employability resources
Your stories
Apply to be on the Children’s Commissioner’s Care Experienced Advisory Board
Your stories
IMO: Annual round up
Other opportunities
A practical guide for finding discounts, grants, funding and career opportunities
Your stories
Practical guide to starting university
Get a paid internship in the Civil Service
University and college contacts
Your stories
Career-experienced people: Meet Jamie, a care-experienced Executive at Rolls-Royce
Your stories
The IMO podcast, series 2 episode 4: Zara’s story
Your stories
What I wish I’d known before becoming a care-experienced social worker
Your stories
Planting the seed: going to university as a care leaver

Available support

Office for Students

Support and advice for care leavers wanting to go into higher education

Visit office for students


Find out information about what courses are available

Visit Propel

Help at Hand

Get help and find out what funding is available

Visit Help At Hand


Prospects are experts in what graduates do and where they work.

Whether you are thinking of going to university, searching for work as a graduate or considering postgraduate study, their website is crammed full of useful information, advice and opportunities.

Going to University