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Annie Gibbs, founder of Amour Destine, shares the importance of finding the rainbows in the clouds, life role models, that take you by the hand and guide you to your light with a genuine interest in helping you to unpack the tools that you already have within. They inspire the way you might live and make choices for yourself and help you unlock the potential you may not see within yourself.

I wanted to shine a light on the importance of rainbows in the clouds! A term taken from the very inspiring author, activist Dr Maya Angelou poem. So what are rainbows in the cloud? For me these are life role models, that you may either know on a personal level who took you by the hand and guided you to your light. Or maybe it could be someone that you may never have even met, that inspire/s the way you might live and make choices for yourself. From career role models, authors, to global leaders on how to overcome a challenge you have faced – through the work they do, in service to the world. The list is endless.

I would encourage you to consider who your rainbow in the clouds are, if you haven’t done so already. Write them down in a diary if you have one and remind yourself of the reasons they have added some value to you. For me I note down quotes or how grateful I am for the wisdom they share. This helps to shape my understanding of who I am as a person, my aspirations and reminds me to appreciate that there are incredible human beings doing the most to make sure you know you can achieve, that you are filled with purpose that the world is waiting on.

I have recently been thinking about rainbows in the clouds. About how we view self and how many of us find it difficult to tap into our potential. It’s reminded me that we are all leaders, as individuals in our thinking, equal and born to have the same freedoms available – to push through anything in life and be the true leaders that we are destined to be. You define your path by your choice of behaviour and the steps you take in life to become you and create your own destiny!.

So as you read on, I hope that this message will be a rainbow in the cloud for you! That it offers you the courage to explore your ideas, a solution, makes you smile, inspires you to see your greatness and that in others and more!


When you’ve worked hard, done well, and walked through that door of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed

Michelle Obama

Love & Light


Amour Destine is is a community interest company that aims to improve the socio–economic status of women born of African and Caribbean heritage in the UK. They do this by helping women affected by, but not limited to traumatic care experiences, domestic abuse and sexual violence work towards building the lives they desire. They provide free services and tools we help women develop confidence and self-belief to live out their ambitions to succeed in life. The project is led by inspiring black & black mixed-race women with similar experiences.
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Image of Annie by: Home Office.

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