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In 2023, we ran a Christmas competition in which we wanted to know what your greatest accomplishments have been throughout your life and what your greatest ambitions for 2024 are.

We have been sending presents to all entrants over the Christmas holiday and we hope you all liked the goodies! We will be sharing a zine with all the responses later this year, we received incredible responses from so many people in the IMO community and are excited to share them with you. 

The new year is about reflecting on your achievements and ambitions. It’s also about celebrating yourself, as well as determining what you need to do to achieve your goals. 

In order to get to where you want to be, treat every experience as a resource, and do not allow past mistakes to define you or prevent you from reaching your goals. Don’t be afraid to think big, find something you are passionate about, and push yourself to the limit. 

We are pleased to announce the winner of our competition Sophie, and our runners up Lola and Mollylyn! Here are their greatest achievements and big ambitions to kick off 2024.   

What is your big ambition for 2024? 

Now that running has become a big part of my life and is massively helping both my mental health and physical health, I am going to continue with this and work towards running more 10ks and a half marathon in 2024.

Sophie, 24

My big ambition of 2024 is to take on as many challenges and opportunities that I can get! During 2023 I conquered some big challenges and the personal rewards have been great! I hope that in 2024 I can complete some bigger challenges and accept more opportunities to make my 2024 the best year yet!

Lola, 17

I would and surely believe that God willing next year I’ll be a websiter, an A-student and a changed person.

Mollylyn, 15
What is your greatest achievement? 

My greatest achievement of 2023 is running my first ever 10k! I never would have imagined this is something I would be able to do, one because I didn’t think I would be fit enough and two because of my health conditions. I suffer from a type of Arthritis which affects my spine and is degenerative, this can have an impact on mobility and cause pain. Running has become part of my life and has helped massively with my mental health, it is like all my stress leaves me with each step I run! I was determined to not let my condition stop me from being active and determined to prove my I can’t do that attitude wrong! And I did it!

Sophie, 24

My biggest achievement of 2023 is completing my GCSEs. I did these in the summer whilst going through the process of meeting my birth family for the first time and going through a selection process for a Girlguiding international trip! With all of this going on, I managed to focus and put all of my effort into my GCSEs. Later on in the summer I found out that I had passed all of my subjects and even managed to get a few A stars! I also found out that I and 9 others were selected to go on the international trip after a challenging process, with over 100 other members present at the selection event! As well as this, I have maintained great contacts with my birth family. I am very proud of what I have achieved!

Lola, 17

I got to understand my life much better. I mean I never understood why I was not like the rest. Now I love being the person I am and glad to know I have the chance to be a conqueror.

Mollylyn, 15 
We hope everyone has a brilliant 2024 and can achieve all of their big ambitions!
We’d love to hear what yours are, you can share them with us on twitter and Instagram. 

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