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Maz is a current care leaver, who has a passion for writing poems and wants to change the way society and professionals see looked after children. She writes poems to reflect on her trauma and past experiences and the relationships she has had with carers and biological parents.

The message behind this poem is that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, not everyday is a bad day, and if you work hard for what you need, you will get what you need.  


Reflect is to perfect
Sleepless nights, suddenly became the best nights.
Wide awake at stupid times,
My mind was becoming a fright.
I needed to climb,
It felt like I was in a crime.
I dreaded nighttime,
My mind was telling me something wasn’t fine.
So many worries had suddenly shown,
All I wanted to do was runaway with time.
Many emotions leaving me blind,
The kicking and shoving,
What possibly could go wrong?
There was a time,
I wanted it all to go away.
My sister wanted me to stay
I thought and thought,
School was a nightmare,
Social workers didn’t care.
I didn’t get treated fair.
My relationship with my sister was puzzled,
The missing piece of jigsaw was needed. Many places later,
I found my forever home.
Still traumatic events happening,
No relationships with my parents?
They didn’t care,
They just gave trauma.
I needed my mind to rest,
For this to get me to my best.
The day had come,
In my forever home,
With my sister by my side,
9 years later,
I’m the best I have ever been.

Maz, 23

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