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Louise is a care experienced advocate and an Ambassador for Action for Children. She also campaigns for Peer Power Charity and Become.

Here Louise shares a poem about her experience of the foster care system.  

Basically orphaned. 

One minute you’re pulled away from all you have ever known.  

To start a new chapter miles away.  

Family gone not knowing when you will see them again.  

The powers that be unresponsive to your voice. 

No explanation gone.  

Childhood trauma that creeps up. 

No longer have a mum or dad to call your own. 

Crying yourself to sleep no hugs.  

Independent from a young age. 

No fallback net for us.  

No home to call our own. 

Fate in the powers above.  

What is normal. 

Unexplained chain of events that occur.  

Survival mode.  

What is family when you no longer have them or see them.  

When times matter most left alone.  

New reality.  

Chaos midst confusion. 

Where is the help.  

18 the cliff approach’s only the strongest survive. 

Take a look at Scarlett Manley’s animated series about her time in foster care, and hear what Freya has to say about foster care, trauma, the media and why it is time to change. 
Struggling with your foster placement? 
Help at Hand is the Children’s Commissioner’s advice and assistance service for children in care, children who have a social worker or are working with social services, children living away from home and care leavers. They can help you with a range of different difficulties and give you the advice you need. 

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