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Maz’s poem ‘Nightmare’ is an emotive and honest account of her childhood during foster care and the roller coaster of ups and down’s life can often bring. Her poem shares the struggles she and her foster family endured, including grief, and how, despite these difficult circumstances, they have persevered and now share beautiful memories together. 

There was once a time,  

where you thought your fostering journey would give you a wonderful time,  

You gave it your all,  

Individuals wanted to climb. 

Many emotions leaving you blind, 

As a family we went through a tough time, 

You as parents gave it your all, 

You succeed till he decided he wanted to fall. 

Local authority let us all down. 

As a family, 

We all just lived with terrifying frowns. 

Your lives came controlling, 

Families being torn. 

You kept your piece, 

Even when you were worn.  

2020 couldn’t get any better, 

Lockdown tested us all, 

But most importantly 

It gave you an important call. 

July 31st was a scary time, 

Your little boy, 

It was time to say goodbye, 

Times were tough, 

Times were scary, 

We were all feeling rough, 

Our hearts, 

We’re torn apart. 

Momma and papa, 

It was time as a family for us to climb. 

We had weeks of restless emotion, 

Tears to fight, 

Memories to keep, 

Memories to create. 

Our family life was becoming normal 

Lockdown became easier, 

Everything was going in some sort of motion. 

2 girls you deserved,  

Ruby and Maz will give you a simple life, 

No more worries will be needed,  

No Local Authority to be conceded. 

You deserve this earth and more, 

A few weeks later, our beautiful Ruby the dog had to be put down, 

Another trauma to add to our household,  

We all came together as one, 

To turn our frowns the right way round. 

Momma your endless love and caring nature keeps us secure, but your nurturing nature is an amazing tool 

Papa your endless jokes and bantering is running free, we banter, have fun that’s how we are meant to be.  

To end our summer of emotions we had a knew addition to our family. 

Mollie the cockapoo,  

Filled our hearts, 

We are all achieving, believing and succeeding. 

To be a family of 5, 

Local Authority has ended practically, 

Theoretically we know they’re still here.  

But factually,  

Your fostering journey has ended here, 

This is us. 

The family of 5. 

If you are struggling with your foster placement or need any advice or support, please reach out, check out our support page for some suggested organisations that can help. 
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