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Imagine if you could go back in time and know then what you know now. Wouldn’t it be great?

Earlier this year, teens in care and care leavers from all over the UK took part in our #dearyoungerme campaign by writing postcards to their younger selves. They’ve shared some wonderful, inspiring and heartfelt messages, words of encouragement, and advice – all the things they wish they’d have known earlier. Their messages touch on a wide range of themes, including relationships, confidence, stigma, education and mental health.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, here is a selection of the best postcards around the theme of ‘mental health’.

Breathe and relax every thing will be alright. Death and sadness will come and go, happiness may come and go but not as much. You will always struggle with mental health, abuse and sadness but you will be alright eventually, it takes time, love and family. Stay strong.

It’s okay to tell people that things aren’t okay, don’t let things bottle up and consume you. Bad things have happened to you, talk about it, process it and heal otherwise the future will be hard. (Open up to your social worker, he’s nice and will show you support I promise!) Love yourself!

The scars that you have, have a story. But your story is bigger than your scars. Never forget that, these scars don’t shape who you are.

Understand what’s happening to you. You’re feeling angry, upset and a mixture of other emotions. Don’t be worried, what you’re about to embark on will be worth it in the end. You’re in safe hands now.

The blade through my skin may of released the pain and anger at the time but I look at them now everyday and these scars bring me shame and selfishness.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this campaign. Join the discussion on Twitter and Instagram using #dearyoungerme.

Need help?

If you have worries or concerns about your mental health, take a look at our advice page to see who you can get in contact with to help.

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