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Share a message to your future self as part of our “Dear Future Me” competition.

It is getting to the end of National Care Leavers Week which for the past few years has focussed on raising awareness of the ‘care cliff’. We want to support you and other care experienced people in looking to the future and are launching the “Dear Future Me” competition, open until Monday 7th November.

We are asking you to write a message to your future self and we will email you back your digital “Dear Future Me” postcard next year when you might have forgotten all about the competition!

You can also gain a range of prizes (which will be chosen at random). We have:

The competition is closed – thank you!

Here are a few examples:

We would love to collect responses from as many people with care experience as possible – your message might just help another young person too. The messages will remain anonymous and can be anything you want to say, for example sharing career, life, travel, personal and/or other ambitions and aspirations for the future. Or you could use the postcards to offer advice and words of encouragement to your future self. You can also opt out of it being shared publicly.

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