Family Review

The Family Review seeks to understand what family means to people, how services support families, and what can be done to improve services

As part of Inclusive Britain – the Government’s response to the 2021 Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities – the Children’s Commissioner was asked to undertake an Independent Review into family life.

The Children’s Commissioner has now published ‘Family and its protective effect’: Part 1 of the Independent Family Review, which paints a unique and comprehensive picture of family life today. It focuses on what families look like in modern Britain, defines for the first time what exactly is protective about them, and looks at the unique experiences of children for whom the state is their parent.

The Review was informed by thousands of children and families across the country and draws on new and detailed analysis of existing data sets, conversations with experts and frontline workers, and a review of relevant literature including submissions from key stakeholders.

The Children’s Commissioner has included some recommendations for policy makers, and a framework for answering them will underpin Part 2 of the Review.

Part 2 of the Family Review will be published in due course, and will look at how oversight, accountability and availability of services can be made more cohesive and family centred. It will also aim to provide solutions for how families can better navigate what is available to them locally.

Family and its protective effect: Part 1 of the Independent Family Review

This Review draws on brand new quantitative and qualitative research across all families and children in England to show what modern family life looks like, how its changed over time and how it’s been impacted by pandemic.

For the first time, the Review defines what is so important about family, its protective effect and how it can insulate family from challenges. The Review also examines what services are available to families, and what benefit they get from them.

Family and its protective effect: Part 1 of the Independent Family Review


The Big Summer Survey

The Children’s Commissioner wants to hear from even more children and families and has launched ‘The Big Summer Survey’.

This will go to children across the country to complete in schools and feed into Part 2 of the Family Review which will report on these findings, as well as exploring further how services can be designed to better support families’ needs.

The Big Summer Survey

Family Profiles

We asked families to contribute to our research by sharing their Family Profile – a snapshot of what families means to them, their strengths, the challenges they may have experienced, how they like to spend their time and the support that they value the most.

We will be sharing the Family Profiles we received over the next few weeks.

Take a look at the first set of Family Profiles here

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