Family Review

The Family Review seeks to understand what family means to people, how services support families, and what can be done to improve services

The Government has asked the Children’s Commissioner to undertake an Independent Review into family life. This Review was a recommendation of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, which found that family life is a key factor in many of the disparities in children’s outcomes.

The Review will use quantitative and qualitative research to understand children and families’ perspectives on the support they are offered by community, and public and voluntary services. It will explore whether public services understand the needs of families as a unit, rather than as a collection of individuals. And, seek to understand whether the needs of children within families are understood in the provision of services to families, to investigate how we can improve children’s outcomes by improving the way public services understand the needs of families.

This Review is a chance to really understand what family means to the nation, what they feel about family, what support is already in place and what more we can do. By doing this we can do more to create an environment to help all families and communities thrive.

The Children’s Commissioner will go around the country to hear from all families, from every area and every background. This will be important to listen to communities and charities and will make sure the voices of children, parents, carers, local services and communities are captured.

While the Review is being completed, the office will be reaching out to stakeholders to hear about their work and work in partnership with others.

Have your say

The Children’s Commissioner would love to hear from children, families and communities.

Throughout the Review, the Children’s Commissioner will be asking children, families and professionals a series of questions about family life, updating the questions regularly.

This month, the questions are for children (6 years old and over) about family, what they think about family and how they describe family life. The questions only take a few minutes and will help us understand children’s perceptions of family.

Call for Evidence

The Family Review aims to gather evidence regarding all aspects of modern family life, family relationships, support systems, structures and the pressures facing families. The Review will also bring together evidence on the effectiveness of current support networks, services and programmes available to families, and areas where more support is needed.

The Call for Evidence allows organisations and individuals to feed in to the Review on their research and expertise. The Call for Evidence will run for a period of six weeks. Evidence should be from the past five years and findings should be relevant to England or the UK more widely.

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