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Stress among children in England during the coronavirus lockdown

29 September 2020

A look at what children are worrying about both before, and during lockdown

Father comforting sad child


10 September 2020

Children in care living in semi-independent accommodation


Going back to school guide

24 August 2020

A guide for children to tell them some of the changes they might see when they go back to school this September as well as providing tips on how to cope if they’re feeling worried or nervous and helpful resources to stay safe.

Back to school report feature

No way out

21 August 2020

Last year, our report Bleak Houses found that there were around 210,000 homeless children in England. This included 120,000 children being housed by their council in temporary accommodation. Temporary accommodation comes in many forms, but unfortunately it is often very poor quality. My team spoke to families living in homes that were cramped, noisy and […]


Putting children first in future lockdowns

5 August 2020

Given the risks of a second wave of Covid-19 infections leading to the need for further local lockdowns, or even a full national lockdown, this paper sets out the key actions needed to ensure that children are at the heart of planning for future lockdowns.


Best beginnings in the early years

17 July 2020

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England has been working – in various guises – with vulnerable and disadvantaged children for the last 30 years. In that time much has changed, in children’s lives, and in terms of what we know about how to help them. But one thing has remained constant – a broad consensus […]


Teenagers falling through the gaps

7 July 2020

Covid-19 has increased many of the risks facing teenagers. Not just in terms of the epidemiological risk, but also in terms of the additional risks that the lockdown itself has created, such as an increased risk of poor mental health, exposure to domestic violence and addiction in the home, and exposure to exploitation. These risks […]


The need for summer scheme support in response to Covid-19

9 June 2020

When considering summer schemes, we need to remember the unprecedented impact on children’s education wrought by Covid-19. In a normal week, almost 10 million children in England would be at nursery, school or college. In the week commencing 18th May it was just 240,000 children a day – 2.4% of those who would usually attend. […]

Children in art class at school

What Covid-19 means for young apprentices

2 June 2020

Covid-19 has brought a unique set of difficulties for young apprentices. This group is suffering both from the employment crisis and from complications with the support that they need to learn and progress. 1 in 5 of all apprentices have been made redundant, are on a break in learning or have left their programmes. Evidence […]

Young woman working as a barista

Children in custody

29 May 2020

Lockdown has brought with it many challenges for us all, not least restrictions on our freedoms. But for children in custody, this time has been particularly hard, as it has curtailed even the very limited freedoms they once had. Some children in custody have been spending all but 40 minutes of the day locked in […]


We don’t need no education?

16 May 2020

The thorny issue of whether children should go back to school


Lockdown babies

7 May 2020

Children born during the coronavirus crisis