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Business plan 2016-17

15 May 2020

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, carer or family member, professional, policymaker or part of the wider community, you have an important role to play in making England a great place for children to grow up in. You also reap the rewards from doing so. This is the view I expressed in Ambitious for Children which […]

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Business plan 2017-18

When I published Ambitious for Children on taking office in 2015, I set out my priorities for my term in office. These were to build the aspirations and resilience of children, particularly those with a less than easy start to life; and to shine a light on hidden issues affecting the vulnerable, in order to […]

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Annual report 2006-07

This is our report on what we’ve done over the last year, and what we intend to achieve this year and beyond. Last year, I said we would identify our priorities – and we have. We knew we needed a clear focus to improve the lives of 11 million children and young people. We’ve asked […]

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Annual report 2007-08

At our Summer event, children and young people chose Violence, Abuse and Bullying as the theme they wanted us to work on in 2008/09. We spent a lot of time visiting children and young people’s groups across England, documenting what they had to say in young offender institutes, health services and schools to name but […]

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Annual report 2008-09

Many significant improvements in children and young people’s lives have come to fruition during 2008-09; and I am proud to say 11 MILLION has again played a key role in bringing them about. This, my annual report and financial statements for 2008-09, gives you an overview of our major successes in this financial year and […]

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Annual report 2009-10

I am delighted to introduce my Annual Report for 2009-10, which includes a flavour of our achievements during the year and information about how we used our resources. As a new Commissioner, in post since 1 March, and therefore here for only the final month of the period the report covers, I am pleased to […]

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Annual report 2010-11

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Annual report 2011-12

I am delighted to join Nick to introduce this Annual Report. The Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) promotes and protects children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) ratified by the UK in 1991. Our energies focus especially on both policy and practice where children’s rights are ignored […]

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Annual report 2012-13

At the core of our work is the promotion and protection of children’s rights, under both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) ratified by the UK in 1991, and UK and international laws and conventions where children’s lives are affected for good or ill. We do that vital work for […]

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Annual report 2013-14

As you read this report, my staff at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) and I are three months into fulfilling my reformed remit. On 1 April, following the passing of the Children and Families Act 2014, my role was strengthened. As a result, my primary statutory function is now to promote and protect […]

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Lockdown experiences: Members from Cambs Youth Panel who are helping to get more children digitally connected

14 May 2020

We spoke to eight young people from the Cambs Youth Panel about their experiences of being in lockdown. The group has been raising money to set up a distribution scheme for Raspberry Pi boxes so more children are connected digitally and are able to progress in their education. Arun, 14, said: “Many children can’t access […]

Cambs Raspberry Pi computers

Annual report 2014-15

This Annual Report covers the Children’s Commissioner’s year to the end of March 2015. For all but one month of that time, my predecessor Maggie Atkinson was Children’s Commissioner for England and I would like to record my thanks to her and the team who supported her for much of the work detailed herein. Bringing […]

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Archived Content

Thousands of children growing up in shipping containers, office blocks and B&Bs

21 August 2019

The terrible reality of how some children are living in converted shipping containers and office blocks, and B&Bs, in cramped conditions

Teddy bear in house

Insights into the lives of children and young people

19 August 2019

This blog looks at 3 recent studies that provide interesting insights about the lives and views of children.

Group of happy children

Leon Feinstein appointed Professor at the Rees Centre

14 August 2019

Professor Leon Feinstein has been appointed to the post of Professor of Education and Children’s Social Care at the Rees Centre.

Leon Feinstein

The Government should finally make ‘left behind’ children its priority

2 August 2019

Boris Johnson has this week established three new cabinet committees on Brexit, and one on the whole of the domestic policy agenda. This is a clear indication of the dominance of this one issue for our new Prime Minister. During the leadership election I gave a speech to launch our 3rd Childhood Vulnerability Report where […]


Stability Index 2019

1 August 2019

The Stability Index is an annual measure of the stability of the lives of children in care. It was first launched by the Children’s Commissioner in 2017 to shine a light on the issue of stability, provide data that allows stability to be monitored over time, and ultimately drive improvements in stability for children in […]


Explosion in number of older children going into care over last five years is hitting stability of the system

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has published the Children’s Commissioner’s 2019 Stability Index, an annual measure of the stability of the lives of children in care in England. The Index was launched in 2017 and shines a light on the number of times children in care move home placement, school or social worker.  […]


Children’s Voices: Children’s experiences of instability in the care system

‘Children’s Voices: Children’s experiences of instability in the care system’ is published alongside the Children’s Commissioner’s third annual Stability Index, which measures stability in the care system by looking at how often children in care move home, school or social worker over a year. In addition to this data analysis, the Children’s Commissioner’s Office also […]


Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield responds to Home Affairs Select Committee report on serious violence

31 July 2019

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, responding to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Serious Violence, said: “This hard-hitting report exposes the dangers facing the many thousands of vulnerable children who are at risk of grooming by ruthless criminal gangs. Many of the mistakes that led to failings in child sexual exploitation are now […]


Annual report 2018-19

24 July 2019
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My work experience fortnight at the Children’s Commissioner’s Office

19 July 2019

Before I begin I just like to introduce myself. I’m Jade. I wasn’t sure what skills or talents I could offer, because to my knowledge I don’t have any, but it turns out that being under the age of 18 was a huge advantage, unlike in literally every other setting, so my input was useful. […]