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Families come in all different shapes and sizes – and they provide children with happiness, love, and fun.

That’s what I was told by the children and young people I met yesterday, as they helped me make a film for the Family Review.

This is the independent review the Government has asked me to carry out to hear about how families see themselves, what modern families are like, and how to give them the right support.

As part of this Review, I have been speaking to children, parents, families, carers, and communities across the country to hear their thoughts.

Yesterday, I visited Norwich Primary Academy and Jane Austen College in Norwich. It was a busy, fun, and very hot day! I’m grateful to these schools for being such welcoming and accommodating hosts. With particular thanks to the Executive Principal at Norwich Primary Academy – Rebecca Handley Kirk, the Headteacher at Norwich Primary Academy – Heather Denny, and the Principal at Jane Austen College – Summer Turner.

Throughout the day I spoke to children about their family, what family means to them, and what makes their family happy. Thank you to all those children who spent time telling me all about their family life.

I want to get everyone talking about family and to hear from them. That is why I have been launching Calls to Action as part of the Review. Alongside this our research team is conducting nationally representative surveys, literature reviews and data analysis to ensure that the Family Review is based on robust evidence.

The next Call to Action will be sent out to schools in September. As part of this we are also creating a set of activities for teachers to do with their pupils – all about family, how it works and what it means. Schools will also have the opportunity to share some of the work their students do with me and my team as part of the Review. I hope this film will encourage as many children and young people as possible to take part in my Call to Action, so we can have a national conversation about such an important topic.

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