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Two weeks ago, I launched a second Call to Action as part of my Family Review. This is an Independent Review of modern family life and is a comprehensive research-led project.  

It aims to hear directly from children and parents, to understand in their own words the composition of families, and to understand what can be done to improve family services going forward. 

As part of the Family Review, I am championing the voices of children and families and would love to hear from as many parents, children, and family members as possible over the coming months. 

That is why I have launched the Call to Action. This is asking parents of young children (0-4 years old) to tell us about life as a parent, about childcare and to tell us what an ideal family support centre would look like.  

For this second Call to Action, we are asking parents to take a short survey about family life. The survey asks where parents go for parenting advice, whether there has been a particular time when more parenting support would have been helpful, and ideas for an ideal family support centre.  

We recognise not only how important the early years of childhood are for children’s outcomes but also how challenging this period can be for new parents. We want to hear from you about the support you need when raising little ones. 

As part of the Call to Action we would also love to see children’s pictures of family. We are asking parents to encourage their young children to draw their family and send us a picture of the drawing, which could be featured in the Family Review! 

To take part, please use this link: Family Review Call to Action for parents of young children.  


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