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The IMO Podcast is a series of open and honest conversations with care experienced people that gives a voice to the diverse experiences that make up the care population. Each episode we invite someone who’s been in care to talk about anything they like. It’s an opportunity to hear the voices of people who often don’t get the chance to tell their stories, and it’s a chance to inspire and encourage others in similar situations. Join our new host, care leaver Benita, with a series of diverse care experienced guests for open and honest conversations.

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This is the first episode of our new series and have changed things up a little, we have a new host, Benita, who is care experienced herself and is excited to have open and honest conversations with other care leavers.

In the 2nd episode of series 4, Louise talks to IMO about being a single mum whilst working as a full time civil servant, the challenges she has faced throughout her life in care including discrimination and lack of support, and her message of self-belief and how leaning on support networks can help care leavers who are navigating the transition to adulthood.

Just because something has happened doesn’t mean that that is it for us. We can turn our lives around. Things can get better. We just cant give up. We have to have hope, there might be set backs and a lot of people may give up on us but we cannot give up on ourselves.

Louise, care experienced young person

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