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The IMO Podcast is a series of open and honest conversations with care leavers that gives a voice to the diverse experiences that make up the care population. Each episode we invite someone who’s been in care to talk about anything they like. It’s an opportunity to hear the voices of people who often don’t get the chance to tell their stories, and it’s a chance to inspire and encourage others in similar situations.

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In the third episode of series 3, Isabelle talks to us about her ‘corporate parents’ breaking up with her via text, her work using art to make a difference and the importance of having ownership of your story and your identity.

I got a lovely text message from my personal advisor basically saying due to you leaving university your support has to cease.

A lot of people tend to assume that care experienced people only want to talk about a care experience and that’s our whole identity when it isn’t at all.

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Isabelle was also featured in our Turning 25 series.

If you’re in care, leaving care, living away from home or working with children’s services, Help at Hand can offer you free support, advice and information.

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