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Brandon – What’s it like living in a children’s home?

Max – I’ve lived here two years
Brandon – I’ve been here just over a year and a half

Max – Yea, I was a bit shocked cause I only found out literally half an hour before I came to the house, that I was actually coming to the house! And then the car came to get me, and I had like 45 minutes to prepare
Brandon – Yea, so I had the choice between three different places. I was a bit nervous but kind of a good feeling for me.

Max – On my first night, I went to sleep around 10.30pm and got up at like half six. Then I remembered just thinking, ‘Do I go downstairs? Am I allowed to? Do I have to wait for a knock?’ I just didn’t know what was happening really.

After a few days at the house, I started to feel maybe this isn’t so bad, and maybe I could deal with this situation.

Brandon – On the walls they have lots of pictures of us

Max – It’s also nice for when we have contact, and for whoever comes to see us, and it’s even for visitors like Ofsted or anyone who comes to the house. It’s nice for them to see that pictures are being displayed, because it sort of feels like there’s a sense of pride for the house to have us. And it feels like we belong there.

Brandon – Yea, if definitely makes us feel like we’re part of the home and that it’s not temporary. It makes us feel like, we live here, and it’s actually our home – and a place we can actually call home.

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