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This blog shares a care leaver’s experience with their Personal Advisor (PA) and the barriers which stopped them getting the support they needed. Upon reflection, they share what their ideal PA would be like. 

What is a Personal Advisor (PA)?

A Personal Advisor (PA) is someone who acts as a focal point to make sure that a young person leaving care gets the right support as they move into adulthood. Your PA will assist you to develop skills that will help you to live independently at time when you are ready to do so.    

My experience with my PA.

Upon reaching the age of 18, I was assigned a personal advisor (PA). She provided me with all her contact information, her working days, and other relevant information. There was always a feeling that I could have been supported more, that she could have been more resourceful. Most of the time, I was the one who had to pursue her for assistance regarding education, extracurricular activities, employment, health, finances, social needs, relationships, and accommodations. My personal advisor was supposed to ensure that I had a relevant, up-to-date pathway plan that considered my current needs and what needs to take place to assist my transition into adulthood and independence. Nonetheless, my personal advisor did not spend much time with me, and everything seemed very limited to me. It was on her as a professional to try and support me. What is the point in me doing all the chasing?  

I felt very alone during the moving process into my own apartment. I did not receive any advice and could not ask the questions I needed to ask. I participated in blind bidding, which is a process in which you make a bid for a property without seeing it, and if you do not bid, you may not have the opportunity to bid on another property. In my case, as a care leaver, who has been through numerous placements and homes, I was not able to blind bid, I did not even know what to look for or what might possibly be a suitable home. If care leavers reject an offer for a property, they are not comfortable with, then they may become homeless. As a result, the Local Authority would not be obligated to rehouse them. I would have been able to put the pieces together in a very daunting and challenging process if I had the support of PA at the time I was looking for my housing.  

As personal advisors may be responsible for 30-40 young people, there may be a high turnover of staff due to the procedures associated with the position. It is up to them to make it work and not a care leaver as they still require assistance, support, and continuity after leaving care.

Upon reflecting on my experience, I wanted to share what my ideal PA would be like.  
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