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I was literally doing nothing with my life. I was on Universal Credit. I was in semi-independent living with a bunch of other angry teenagers. All we’d ever do is sit around and party, get drunk, waste my life. A circle of negativity happening, and I can just remember having this mindset of having this mindset of terribleness.

I got asked by my social worker to join one of the leaving care forums. There I realised I actually enjoyed having a discussion with people who have been through similar things to me.

Then I had a lightbulb moment, that I don’t have to just sit around and be upset. I can get out and try new things and then that, trying the new things I’m meeting great new people. And then that starts me being happy.

But as long as you keep on carrying on, and trying like, one day at a time, and finding things that make you happy for that short period of time. One day you will have your eureka moment of ‘I get why I’m here, cause it was setting me up to do this!’.

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