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Imagine if you could go back in time and know then what you know now. Wouldn’t it be great?

Over the last month, teens in care and care leavers from all over the UK have been taking part in our #dearyoungerme campaign by writing postcards to their younger selves. They’ve shared some wonderful, inspiring and heartfelt messages, words of encouragement, and advice – all the things they wish they’d have known earlier. Their messages touch on a wide range of themes, including relationships, confidence, stigma, education and mental health.

Here is a selection of the best postcards below around the theme of ‘stigma’.

You might think that everyone knows you’re different, hell maybe some do. It doesn’t matter. The expectations of others should not limit you. Being in foster care, your past experiences just mean you have lived and everything you have achieved so far is a testament to your inner strength. Being different doesn’t mean inferior – and you’re going to prove this.

Life gets better, just strive for everything you love and enjoy, no matter what people think. You can make your life into anything you want. Just treat people kindly, love everyone who shows love to you and never forget to strive for greatness!

To never give up and stay strong and never let anyone tell you that you’re wrong and always believe in yourself. Always think positive, not negative.

I would say that no matter how many people put you down you should always believe in yourself because no matter how dislikeable you may be people will always love you for who you are, so never change yourself or your

Thank you to everyone who took part in this campaign. Join the discussion on Twitter and Instagram using #dearyoungerme.

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