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Imagine if you could go back in time and know then what you know now. Wouldn’t it be great?

Over the last month, teens in care and care leavers from all over the UK have been taking part in our #dearyoungerme campaign by writing postcards to their younger selves. They’ve shared some wonderful, inspiring and heartfelt messages, words of encouragement, and advice – all the things they wish they’d have known earlier. Their messages touch on a wide range of themes, including relationships, confidence, stigma, education and mental health.

Here is a selection of the best postcards below around the theme of ‘school’.

Learn as many skills as you can when moving out. Learn how to cook, clean, pay bills and do whatever is needed to be done to make it easier for yourself.

I would tell my younger self to not worry so much about what people think and just be myself. I would also say to work harder and put more effort into the way I look.

Don’t stress over exams. Keep your head down revising and revise in advance.

I would of got help before everything got bad. Also stick in when I was in primary and leading up to year 10.

You need to understand that none of this was your fault and that it’s ok to love people. You can’t block and hate everyone for ever.

The version of me now is not as I expected, there are many an option I have missed out on and there are two quotes that you will be familiar with: “Don’t be the one who follows the loudest voices” and “You only get out what you put in”.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this campaign. Join the discussion on Twitter and Instagram using #dearyoungerme.

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