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My name’s Sophia and I’m a Care Leaver. When I first went into the foster care system, I looked for advice videos online to help me navigate my situation, but there were none. This is why I decided to start making these videos and create my own channel on YouTube.

Happy June & Happy Pride month everyone! I am back with another foster care vlog, and his time I’m talking about a topic super close to my heart. By posting this, I realise I am outing myself on the internet (which is super scary), but I think this is as good as time as any to do it…

As promised, below are all of the resources (and more) that I talk about in the video. I really hope you found this video informative and that this can help start more of a conversation around the topic of young people in foster care who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Have a great rest of Pride month – and don’t forget to Subscribe!
Foster Cares
Become article – “When will we see change?”: Improving the experiences of LGBT+ young people in care
Speakout Project
LGBT Youth in Care
Supporting LGBT Youth in Care

About the author
Sophia is a radio presenter, vlogger, Uni of Oxford graduate and foster care advocate.
Find out more here; Youtube   Twitter   Instagram

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