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I’m sure you may relate to some of my experiences. Around March 2017 I was taken into care because of a certain situation which I had put myself in. Over this period up until this day, I’ve changed for better and maybe worse… Who knows?

My first night in care was very exhausting and confusing as I had no idea of where I was going or heading. I ended up about 18 miles away from where I was living, with no idea of what was going on, honestly, I was extremely confused. I had been left alone with a family of strangers, I felt so out of place however I had no choice and my social worker had already left and wasn’t seen or heard from again for a while. The next day I had to take a taxi back to my town which made me very anxious as I suffer a lot from social anxiety. I waited for about an hour to two hours to find out where I was going – I had no idea.

Later on, another social worker took me to my current foster family placement, and I am honestly so glad I have such a loving foster family. That isn’t to say that my situation is perfect because it isn’t. They’re absolutely lovely however I personally find it really stressful sometimes as I feel as I have to not disappoint them which can be hard with everything I’m dealing with. I am currently studying for my exams, my foster family are very supportive and they want me to do good, but I just can’t cope sometimes.

I’m sure a lot of you who are reading this will have had different experiences with your foster families or even foster homes. I’m lucky to have such great carers. I wish I could thank them in a way but I don’t know how. They’ve really welcomed me and sure, we’ve had struggles, but don’t take what you have for granted. Personally, helping out with and attending events that are about children in care does help with my overall experience as I can help other children in my town who aren’t so vocal. I attend my local Children in Care Council every month and I really do encourage others to attend their local one if possible.

Peace out!

About the author
Liam is 16, in care, and a member of his local Children in Care Council.
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