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“You are not alone, other people have experienced the same feelings and help is out there.”

Show Me That I Matter is the name of York’s Children in Care Council; we are a group of young people who all have experience of being in care in York. We wanted to help others understand the feelings and emotions they might experience when coming into care, so we got together to work on this. We came up with some important messages that we’d like to share with you, and we also wrote a short poem about being in care. It’s all below!

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Coming into care and your relationships

Mental health 

Your experiences and identity 

Open Book

Sometimes life is good in care,

But at first it gave me a scare,

I did not know why I was there,

Sometimes I feel it’s just not fair.

Once my feelings had been spoken,

And I realised I wasn’t broken,

I used to show no emotion,

But now the pages of my book are open.

About the author
This piece of content was adapted from a project created by members of York Children in Care Council (‘Show Me That I Matter’).
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