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My name is Ria, and I’m 20 years old. I’m a care leaver councillor, I’m a member of a Corporate Parenting Board, and I advocate for children in care and care leaver teams to the board as a young person with disabilities.

I’m also an artist. I usually work in a two-dimensional format using paint, print, and collage to create radical and inspirational slogans about different identities and about the care system. I’ve been in care for 20 years and I’ve always tried to create my art around the care system to help other people understand how it feels to be in the system.

I work in a development team with a support leader artist Jenny Laskowsky. I’ve had exhibitions at Leeds Town Hall as part of the BEYOND Festival and at Brickworks in Bradford, and I currently have work in The Tetley Gallery in Leeds. You can find out more about my work here.

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