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The IMO Podcast is a series of open and honest conversations with care leavers, shining a light on their experiences. Each episode we invite someone who’s been in care to talk about anything they like. It’s an opportunity to hear the voices of people who often don’t get the chance to tell their stories, and it’s a chance to inspire and encourage others in similar situations.

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In the first episode, we hear from Ella. She talks to us about how she feels she was criminalised to manage her behaviour in children’s homes. She chats about bouncing back from results that don’t go your way and holding workers to account by turning up to LAC reviews with a copy of the legislation.

I initially lived in a local authority-run home. I was there for 10 days. I was then kicked out; my behaviour wasn’t the best. I got charged with and convicted of two counts of assault and criminal damage. In real terms what that meant was I ripped up paper into little bits, because that’s always been a really calming thing for me, and I smashed a banana and rubbed it over a staff member’s face. […] Then I was taken into police custody, I was there for over 24 hours. I was 15 years old. […] I wasn’t aggressive, I was just really sad.

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