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Our lives can be like a rollercoaster.

Torment or the greatest opportunity.

We get given transience when all we want is stability.

This artificial family could mean belonging,

Could mean insecurity – we remain unaware.

Resilience is the buzzword in the lottery of care.

Finding safety in new roots.

Finding trust in new life’s branches.

But what happens when the bough breaks?

Where does the cradle fall?

So many eyes but nobody sees

The externally monitored remain invisible internally

Blind and blinkered for red tape and dotted lines

Can’t spy the forest for the trees – too many unaware

Overcrowding gets you lost in the lottery of care.

Stigma predicts failure

Vulture-like she circles

Expectant of damage and inability –

What news for our equality?

We hope. We demand. We strive

That you see past our vulnerability,

See beyond old case notes, scrawled files –

You must be aware

Individuals we remain in the lottery of care.

Now we stand. We stand together.

Not numbers in the bingo.

Not scratched out gamblers’ cards.

Our lives are not a lottery.

Care is no betting game.

Remember our humanity

And see all people free from shame.

About this author
This poem was written by The Group (Manchester’s Children in Care Council) – thank you for sharing this moving piece with us!
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