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It was the 4th of November when it all began

The girl was only 13, she didn’t understand

She cried every night on the phone

Screaming to her mum she doesn’t want to be alone.

There was nothing she could do, she had no choice

Nobody listened to her, she had no voice

People started to judge her for being in care

They used to call her names, they used to stand and stare.

Why was this happening to her? She thought it wasn’t fair

She missed her family and friends

She couldn’t cope, but she knew it wasn’t the end

She got used to the fact she that she was staying there

Especially when she was put into long-term foster care.

However it wasn’t all that bad

Things got better, times weren’t as sad

One year later, as her confidence has grown

She is now a prefect, nobody could have known

She tried her hardest in school, achieving good grades

Everyone, including herself, were surprised by the changes she’s made.

Now she focuses on the future

Ignoring the past

By making good memories

And making them last.

About the author
This powerful poem was written by a member of The Group (Manchester’s Children in Care Council).
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