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Imagine if you could go back in time and know then what you know now. Wouldn’t it be great?

We’re looking for young people with care experiences like you to write a message to yourself in the past, giving your younger self some advice, words of encouragement, sharing an experience – anything you wish you’d have known at the time.

It’s really simple to take part, all you need to do is:

  1. Contact your local Children in Care Council to request a postcard pack
  2. Once your cards have arrived, write your message on them to your younger self
  3. Post them back to us using the stamped addressed envelope provided.

We’ll then publish them on the IMO website and our social media channels for Care Day 2019! If you post a photo of your card on Insta or Twitter, remember to tag it #dearyoungerme

A few of the message’s we’ve already received;

You will meet loads of people and they are friendly and make you become one of their family.

Life gets better, just strive for everything you love and enjoy, no matter what people think.

Don’t worry, everything is OK, turn that frown upside down, everything will be fine. I’ve been where you are now and I got through it. You can too.

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