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Care to listen? is a podcast series created by teens in care and care leavers, with help from Five Rivers fostering agency.

Listen in to this powerful series to hear first-hand experiences of what it’s really like to live and work in the care system. Each podcast has been researched, recorded and edited by teens in care, with the aim of dispelling some of the most common myths about being in care, reducing stigma and supporting positive change.

The second episode features Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield. She speaks up for children and young people so that policymakers and the people who have an impact on their lives take their views and interests into account when making decisions about them. She is independent of Government and Parliament, and has unique powers to help bring about long-term change and improvements for all children, particularly the most vulnerable – including children in care and care leavers. She is the ‘eyes and ears’ of children in care, care leavers and the country as a whole and is expected to carry out her duties ‘without fear or favour’ of Government, children’s agencies, and the voluntary and private sectors.

“I look at what kids are experiencing, and use that to be able to show where kids are not getting the best deal that they could. When people are making decisions and making laws, I talk to them about what kids need, because what I find is that when people are making policies, kids quite often get overlooked, and sometimes – especially when it comes to social media and the internet – kids are an afterthought.”

Find out more about the Care to Listen project here.

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