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“If you have a good teacher that is passionate about their job you are more likely to be influenced by them” – Boy, 14.

I have dedicated my career to improving the educational outcomes of children. As a teacher, headteacher and CEO of a multi-academy-trust I have seen, first hand, the impact good teachers can have on the lives of children.

In The Big Ask, the largest survey of children ever, with over 550,000 responses from children across England. They told me about how much they loved school and their teachers. They missed teachers during the pandemic – this shows important you are to all their lives and I think that is something every teacher should be incredibly proud of.

When talking to children for my Independent Family Review, they told me they valued the work and commitment their teachers showed them. So much so, they considered them part of the family. They are often the people children feel comfortable to confide in when things are going wrong, and the people to celebrate them when things are going well. And, I feel, we don’t do enough to celebrate the enormous impact good teachers have, and have had, on all our lives.

World Teachers’ Day was established by UNESCO in 1994. It commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. It’s a day to celebrate how teachers are transforming education but also to reflect on the support they need to deliver their mission.

So, today is the day to celebrate you and reflect on all the amazing work you do. Through dedication you support children, whatever their background, and whatever their circumstances, to dream big and achieve their aspirations.

One final, ‘thank you’ from me – I hope you take the day to reflect on the dedication you have shown to transforming and improving the lives of children.

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