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On this year’s National Numeracy Day we launched ‘Where can I go with maths?’ an interactive resource for young people aimed at connecting maths to careers, skills and everyday life.

Since May we’ve had thousands of young people use our resource and we’ve received some great feedback. One of the main requests was to add more career profiles. Today, during Maths Week England we are launching an updated version of the resource with an increased number of role models from different career backgrounds.

‘Where can I go with maths?’ aims to support young people by:

Earlier this week The Children’s Commissioner also launched The Big Ask Maths Week Challenge, an opportunity for young people in KS3/4 to learn about what young people told us about their wellbeing and future priorities, using real data from The Big Ask, the largest ever survey of children.

‘Where can I go with maths?’ is an ongoing project and we will be releasing another update of the resource for National Numeracy Day 2023. We would love to share the profiles of anyone interested but we would also like to build specific areas:

If you’d like to share your profile please fill out this short form which asks about how you use maths or maths skills in your career and life more generally, what sparked your interest in maths and/or your career and for you to share any career advice you might have for young people. Please also share with your networks and with anyone you think would make a great role model!

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