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The Children’s Commissioner has been asked by Government to undertake an independent review into support for families. The Family Review will seek to understand children and families’ perspectives on modern family life.

As part of this Review, the Commissioner is building a picture of modern families in the UK, through sharing some family’s unique stories and experiences as family profiles. We would like to thank all of the families who contributed to this by telling us about their family: their strengths, the challenges they may have experienced, how they like to spend their time, and the support that they value the most. We heard from over 150 families all across the country!

You told us about the challenges you’re facing, but also what has helped with that – whether it be support services or love from your family and friends. We also heard about the many different types of families that exist in the UK today, and what they represent.

These stories will show the government what real families look like in the twenty-first century. While we will be unable to share all of the profiles, they have greatly informed the research and narrative of our report.

We will launch the first set of family profiles next week and the first report from the Family Review will be published on 1st September.

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