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Happy New Year! I hope everyone  had a restful and happy Christmas break, and are looking forward to the year ahead.

With the festivities over, you might be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, which are a good opportunity to reflect on the past and make changes for the better. You might decide to be kinder to yourself, eat more vegetables, or perhaps spend more time with your family.

Last year, I published my Independent Family Review, which proved the protective effect of family for all its members. If children have a good family environment, they are more likely to do well in later life, feel happier, and more able to cope with life’s challenges. And, among adults who said they could rely on their family a lot, 80% are satisfied with life overall compared to 66% for those who can’t.

So as we look ahead to 2023 – I hope you can all make resolutions that leave you feeling happier, more fulfilled, and able to get the most out of the year ahead.

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