Better world

"We are all humans, and earth is our home. People forget that" - Gender not given, 15.

Better world is a core pillar of my work as Children’s Commissioner following ‘The Big Ask’, which was the largest-ever survey of children. Children told me in The Big Ask how much they care about their peers and aspired to have a fairer, better world. A key message from this was how much children care about the future of the planet and want a fairer society.

Children described an ambitious, socially conscious and reforming vision of the world they want to live in. They want a society where everyone can succeed and told us that they care about the environment and planet. Just over 1 in 5 children (22%) chose ‘a healthy environment and planet’ as one of their top priorities for having a good life when they grow up and 1 in 5 children chose ‘everyone being treated fairly’.

As one child said: “Nobody is less capable than anyone […] if they have a different colour of skin […] they should be treated fairly” – Boy, 10.

Within this pillar I will work to put children’s voices at the heart of policy making, particularly on issues which children tell us they care the most about, including the environment and building a fairer society.

COP 26

We teamed up with Generation Earthshot at COP26 to teach local Glaswegian children about the environment. The Department for Education also invited me to attend a teach-the-teacher lesson where we heard first hand from children how passionate they are to reduce climate change and solutions they recommend to make this happen.

I also bought out a children’s guide and slides for schools to ensure children could understand and get involved with COP26.

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