Children’s voices

The Children’s Commissioner is the eyes and ears of children in England. Talking to children to understand their lives is at the heart of what we do. On this page you’ll find a selection of our conversations that shine a light on the experiences of children in England today.

Lockdown experiences

We are speaking with children to find out how the national lockdown is affecting them. How do they feel being locked up at home for weeks on end, away from friends? What do they miss most? Is there anything about the lockdown they like?

Lockdown experiences: A group of nine young people told us about their priorities for government

Guarantee for education, support of disabilities and getting involved – a group of nine young people told us about their […]

Lockdown experiences: A young person’s guide to lockdown and reaching out to young people via social media

A young person’s guide to lockdown and reaching out to young people via social media – suggestions from care experienced […]

Lockdown experiences: Members from Cambs Youth Panel who are helping to get more children digitally connected

The group has been raising money to set up a distribution scheme for Raspberry Pi boxes so more children are connected digitally and are able to progress in their education.

Lockdown experiences: Children with autism

Siblings Robyn aged 16, Lily aged 14, and Ted aged 10 who each have autism are being home-schooled by their mum, Mandy.

Lockdown experiences: What being in isolation is like for children

Michael, 5, Indie, 14, and Laura and Nic, both 11, have written about what being in isolation has been like for them.

Lockdown experiences: Children in foster care

Libby, 17 and Hannah, 15, talk about how they’re finding living in lockdown while being in foster care.

Lockdown experiences: How it’s affecting children and social workers

Rowan, aged 10 to tell us about life in lockdown and Rob, who is a social worker tells us about how coronavirus is impacting on him and the children and families he works with.

Lockdown experiences: Leaving school and preparing for college

Ayra, 16, has written a blog for us about what lockdown has been like for her.

Voices of children reports

Talking with children is at the heart of our work and we have published a range of studies shining a light on the experiences of children.

Children in care

IMO (‘In My Opinion’) has been created in collaboration with care experienced young people to provide a voice for young people in care and care leavers to share advice, experience, and stories with one another.

The site has young people’s voices at its heart, and all of its content, including blogs, vlogs and podcasts, has been created by or developed with input from young people in care, for young people in care.

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