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Easy Read – Survey 9-17

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Easy Read – Survey 9-17

Easy Read - 9-17
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Let’s get started!

We want to support young people like you after COVID. And we need your help.

After such a difficult year, it’s time that adults really gave something big back to young people like you.

  • What do you think is important for your future?
  • Do you think anything is holding children back?

Tell us and you will be part of making a huge difference.
We will use what you tell us to tell the people who run the country how to make life better for you and other young people.

  • We won’t ask for your name or phone number.
  • We won’t use anything you say to identify you.
  • Everything you tell us will be kept safe and private.

Take as long as you need to do this survey. You don’t have to answer a question if you don’t want to.