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Easy Read – Survey 6-8

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Easy Read – Survey 6-8

Easy Read - 6-8
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We want to support children like you after COVID. And we need your help.

After such a difficult year, it’s time adults really gave something big back to kids like you.

You can help us do this by telling us:

  • how your life is now,
  • what you think is important for your future,
  • what might stop you from being happy when you grow up.

We will use what you tell us to tell the people who run the country how to make life better for you and other children.

  • We won’t ask for your name or phone number.
  • We won’t use anything you say to identify you.
  • Everything you tell us will be kept safe and private.

Take as long as you need to do this survey. You don’t have to answer any question if you don’t want to.