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Anne Longfield supports Safer Internet Day 2017

“The internet is an incredible force for good but when it was created, it was not designed with children in mind. Safer Internet Day 2017 serves as a reminder that we need to rethink the way we prepare children for the digital world and promote their safe, responsible and positive use of digital platforms.

“My research into children’s online lives – Growing Up Digital – found that children are largely left to fend for themselves in the digital world. That is why I called for compulsory digital citizenship programmes in schools; a digital ombudsman to stand up for children’s rights online; and for access to data about the complaints children make to social media companies. Social media companies also need to simplify their terms and conditions so children know what they are signing up to when they join them.  The internet has become ingrained in every aspect of children’s lives.  We need to ensure that they benefit from its opportunities safely.”

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