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Commenting on figures published today which reveal that one in four foster children moved home twice or more in the year to March 2015, Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England said:

“Young people in care consistently say that moving foster placements disrupts their lives. It can affect them emotionally, as well as their friendships and access to such things as education and healthcare. Sometimes, placements breakdown and young people have to move but it is vital that authorities do more to maintain their stability.

“The figures out today reflect the findings of the national survey of children in care and care leavers we published in early summer. Although nearly half of respondents to our survey had not moved placement within the previous two years, 39.6% had moved between one and three times and 10.7% four or more times.

“Children told us that they wanted to be able to visit a new carer to find out more about the placement before being moved. They also wanted more choice; to be told about moves before they take place and for their views on them to be listened to. Many did not feel that they had enough time to say goodbye before moving which affected their relationships. These comparatively small ‘asks’ would have made a huge difference to the lives many of the young people who completed our survey.”

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