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Responding to the Internal Review of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England said:

“Professor Jay’s inquiry into child sexual abuse has important work to do – investigating and learning from past child sexual abuse and making recommendations to help prevent it now.

“I welcome the refocusing of the inquiry and clearer sense of direction announced today, including the inclusion of the findings of the investigation into the Football Association’s child protection measures in its scope. It is essential that Professor Jay’s inquiry now moves forward with its important work.

“My own research into child sexual abuse published last November estimated that just 1 in 8 children who are abused are known to authorities. This is unacceptable. Professionals need to be far more attuned to spotting the signs of child abuse and there also needs to be better ways of supporting children who are thought to have been abused. This is why I am continuing to press Police and Crime Commissioners to develop Barnahus children’s houses which provide all of the services for victims of child abuse under one roof and which have been shown to reduce the impact of abuse on children and increase the conviction rates of perpetrators.”

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