4th July 2017

Childhood vulnerability in England 2017

This report was published in 2017.
Information and data in old reports may be out of date.

Note: This report is from 2017, there is a more recent vulnerability report from 2019.

New analysis from the Children’s Commissioner for England reveals, for the first time, the scale of vulnerability among children in England. These reports bring together a range of information held by various government departments, agencies and others. Its initial analysis reveals a host of shocking statistics about the number of children living in vulnerable situations.

  • Over half a million children so vulnerable that the state has to step in
  • 670,000 children in England growing up in ‘high risk’ family situations
  • Thousands of children living with adults in treatment for drink or drugs
  • 800,000 children suffering from mental health difficulties
  • Tens of thousands of children involved with gangs
  • Over a thousand new child victims of slavery each year
  • Many more children under the radar, not being seen