Invisible Children

Shining a light on the extent and impact of child vulnerability in England.

Shining a light on the extent and impact of child vulnerability in England, focusing in particular on children with undiagnosed mental health issues, those excluded from mainstream education and children in gangs.

Assessing the extent and impact of child vulnerability

The Children’s Commissioner is undertaking a major programme of work to assess the extent of child vulnerability in England. An initial stage of this work programme has been commissioned; a Children’s Commissioner Report on Vulnerable Children. The report, on definitions and numbers of different types of vulnerable children, as well as their outcomes and well-being, will help to identify groups of missing or ‘hidden’ children and assess what is known about them.

From this report the Commissioner selects groups of children whose needs and outcomes will be assessed in greater detail in order to reveal gaps in services and improvements needed. This year these include:

  • children who fall through cracks in the education system
  • children with mental health needs below the threshold for CAMHS support
  • babies at risk of neglect
  • children associated with gangs.

Voices from Children

A new series of reports, Voices from Children, directly represents the voices of relatively small groups of children whose views and interests might otherwise go unheard.

The first of these will reflect the thoughts and experiences of refugee children who have recently arrived in the UK. The second will shine a light on the voices and experiences of the children of service personnel whose education and social stability are often disrupted by repeat home and school moves.