Protecting and empowering children online and holding social media companies to account.

Growing Up Digital 

Our work on children growing up in the digital age has exposed the gulf between children’s experiences online and the protections and preparation in place for them. We will continue to work with government and the Information Commissioner to design an effective digital resilience curriculum and enforce children’s rights online including the right to be informed through clear terms and conditions, to be protected from location tracking, and to know how their data is used.

Life in Likes

Our report published in January 2018 into the experiences of children aged 8-12 on social media platforms, ‘Life in “Likes”’, suggested increasing anxiety over chasing popularity and ‘likes’ and unattainable lifestyles. Older children we consulted for this business plan drew unprompted parallels between social media and their mental health, saying it made them anxious and put them under pressure to conform.

Digital 5 a Day

Having launched last year our ‘Digital 5 a Day’ campaign last year to help children manage their online lives, and designed straightforward terms and conditions for popular social media companies, this year we will explore whether guidelines can be drawn up to help parents keep children emotionally healthy online. Read full Report

We will also extend our campaigning on children’s digital lives to shine a light on the multiple ways in which children’s data is given away, sold and used; and campaign for greater transparency and decent policies to protect children from digital profiling which might negatively affect them in future. We are planning to produce a guide this year for schools and parents to demonstrate the ways in which children’s data is used and sold, and how it may be used in future.