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“Older generations love to mock us for taking action against social issues by calling us, and I quote ‘snowflakes’. Yet they won’t. We are finally taking action on things” – Girl, 13

In The Big Ask – the largest ever survey of children – children told me that they aspired to have a better, fairer world. Nearly 2 in every 5 children told me that ‘A healthy environment and planet’ was their biggest worry for the future, and 31% said that fairness in society was also a key worry.

In the face of many challenges, including a global pandemic, climate change and ongoing inequality, this generation of children and young people are ambitious, socially‑conscious and passionate. They are conscious of the responsibility they will inherit from adults, yet are driven to create and lead a better world – not just for themselves, but for children everywhere.

I have already shed light on the inequalities facing children from vulnerable groups, including Gypsy, Roma, Traveller children, refugee and asylum-seeking children and children in care. I plan to continue to champion children’s voices and support their ambitions for a better future.

Better world is one of the main pillars of my work as Children’s Commissioner and this week I will be sharing some of my office’s work in this area.

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