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Throughout lockdown we have been speaking to Ted (10), Robyn (16) and Lily (14) about how their lives have changed. They each have autism and were home schooled by their mum during lockdown. They coped with this well and now they are back at school. We caught up with them to hear how they’re getting on.


Ted has found returning to school a challenge and his parents are working with the school to help make things better. Despite that, Ted has learned to tie laces and was awarded super star of the week for his reading.

Ted says:

I’ve been pretty bad. I’m feeling stressed, I didn’t want go to back, I’m stressed because of the virus, I can’t cuddle people.”

“I’m really social and it’s all too different.”


Robyn has just started 6th form and is feeling positive about the future.

Robyn says:

“I’m loving school! I went into 6th form, going in fresh so I haven’t missed out on crucial learning. I see familiar faces in a structured environment.”

“I’m thriving. I’ve always loved school environment. I’m happy to be back – the worst thing for me would be not to be at school.”

“I’m satisfied with the safety measures school has put in. It’s really good.”

“The hardest thing about going back is I can’t see my nan.  Going back to school means I’m mixing with other people more and I don’t want to put her at risk.”


Despite getting a cold, Lily is glad to be back in a routine.

Lily says:

“There’s been a bunch of changes to our timetable, but it’s been ok so far.”

“We’re getting way more breaks, but the school is doing really good and I like how it’s going.”

“I’m getting the extra support I need and I like the routine.”

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